Your goal is our mission

All the training you need

Learn how to achieve your goals faster with Me-Mover.

Whether you are a runner, love biking, or want to become stronger and more flexible for your yoga practice.

But most importantly, don't forget to have fun while you get there.


Balance, core and condition workout

See how Me-Mover Fit can help you with your workout. Whether you are a professional athlete, have injuries, want to retrain your body or just want to get ahead in an effective and fun way, Me-Mover can be the solution.

Me-Mover provides a lower shock load than normal walking and is suitable for training / rehabilitation of injuries to the knees, back, hips and ankles.

Me-Mover also helps build muscle and strengthen joints.


Train outside and in group

Even though Me-Mover can also be used indoors, it has been conceived for outdoors training.

We know that working out is not always easy. Lack of motivation is one of the reasons why many people cannot stick to a fitness routine.

But Me-Mover is all about having fun. A unique experience that can be shared to make it even more interesting.


Tested by experts

Me-Mover has been tested by experts and the results conclude that training with Me-Mover has a significant positive impact. Me-Mover is:

- Gentle with the joints.

- Effective when it comes to weight loss.

- The best way to improve your balance, stability and coordination.


Why Me-Mover?

Whether you're struggling to achieve your fitness goals, are always ready to try new experiences or need a sports practice that's more gentle with your body, Me-Mover is what you're looking for.

It offers you a revolutionary, incredibly effective and fun experience.

It sounds too good to be true, but you will only need to try it once to agree with us.

Build muscle
Become stronger with only 20 minutes of high intensity Me-Mover exercise a day.
Strengthen the joints
Protect your body while you exercise and gain strength and flexibility in your joints.
Lose wheight
If the scale is the problem, a frequent medium-low intensity practice with Me-Mover will help you in only a few weeks.
Improve balance and coordination
Our experts can help you build a routine to improve your balance and coordination significantly with Me-Mover.
Try Me-Mover
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Success stories

See how Me-Mover can help you with your workout. Whether you are eager to lose weight, want to improve your times when running or need a cardio workout that keeps you motivated.

Rent a Me-Mover

You can rent a Me-Mover for both private and business use.

Either if you want to test Me-Mover; or if you are interested in using one or more Me-Movers for your event; or if you are a physiotherapist and want to use Me-Mover with your clients… Know that you can rent Me-Mover for a shorter or longer period.

World wide Shipping
Get a Me-Mover no matter where you are.
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
If you're not satisfied after trying Me-Mover, you have 30 days to return it.
Fold it and travel with your Me-Mover to that exact place you want to try it in.

Have questions? We’ve got the answers.

If you're interested in learning more about Me-Mover or have specific questions, check our "frequent asked questions" section.

Almost everything you can learn about Me-Mover is there. And if it's not, you can always contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Hear from our costumers

Rating stars
I feel more energetic
I started using Me-Mover a few months ago, and I'm more motivated than ever to go out and exercise.
Rating stars
I can finally train outdoors
I had a back injury and couldn't run or bike without pain. Walking wasn't enough for me, so Me-Mover has given me back the joy of training.
Rating stars
Never touched the treadmill ever since
I hated cardio until I tried Me-Mover. Now I always reserve one of my training days to go outside and ride my Me-Mover .

Me-Mover communities

Me-Mover is an innovative and effective way of training, but it's much more than that. When you get a Me-Mover you become part of a community of health and movement lovers that will support you in your journey to become a better version of yourself.

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